Subroto and Susmita Bagchi at PageTurners

For those of you who couldn’t make it – here’s what you missed!

“I’ve read all of her books- I don’t know if she’s read any of mine!” said Mr. Subroto Bagchi of author wife Susmita Bagchi and their equation as a literary couple.
A Saturday evening with this accomplished duo turned out to be a treat for all present as Subroto and Susmita Bagchi shared a few laughs with each other and the audience, while talking about the inspirations they draw from each other, the criticism they give each other and how their writing sensibilities compare, interspersed with stories of their experiences.

No matter what the profession, reading should be a part of every person’s life, said Mr. Bagchi while narrating the incident of someone he had met who was practically a genius at software design, but only ever read anything that came off a screen!

In addressing questions on India and its youth today, Mr. Bagchi expressed and stressed on the importance of keeping faith and having hope, while Mrs. Bagchi spoke about the importance of passing on traditional and regional languages from generation to generation, which seems to be losing its place in modern India.

With both leading such busy and full lives, it is amazing how they find time to do everything that they both do, what with Mr. Bagchi playing his role of “Gardener” at MindTree Ltd., being the chairman of MindTree’s Innovation Council, writing columns for magazines, inspiring and motivating with his talks at educational and industry platforms the world over, and even making the time to update his blog! While Mrs. Bagchi seems to balance her roles as full-time author, mother and wife with amazing ease.
But as they both simply said, if one has a passion for something, time is never hard to find.

With promises to be back at the store soon, both as readers and speakers for events such as one recommended by Mrs. Bagchi- to raise awareness for differently-abled children and adults, they took leave after a signing and one-on-one with several of the audience, ending yet another wonderful evening at PageTurners!

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