Vikramajit Ram at PageTurners

Author Vikramajit Ram came in to spend a wonderful Morning at PageTurners, and  gave the audience a great start to their Sunday! Vikramajit read selections from both his books, ‘Elephant Kingdom’ and ‘Dreaming Vishnus’

His first book ‘ Elephant Kingdom’ traces the many stories and symbolisms associated with India’’s favourite animal, illustrated through its depictions in architectural sculpture . Work on the book took Vikram on a series of journeys to document ancient art and architecture – most of it in remote sites across the subcontinent. One of these journeys led to his travelogue, Dreaming Vishnus; A Journey through Central India (Penguin, 2008), set in a landscape of crumbling temples and palaces and peopled with eccentrics and endangered creatures.

With a special focus on chance encounters and happy coincidences, while telling us how he often went in search of something and found something else entirely,  Vikramajit transported us to the scenes of his travels, the amazing sights he saw, and the warm, sometimes eccentric  people he met along the way.

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