Across the Ages Finalist Announcement

Good news! We can finally announce the successful entrants to this 2013’s international anthology Across the Ages. Congratulations to all who made the shortlist – the quality of submissions this year has been absolutely fantastic and it’s only a shame we cannot include more. Please support the project and your fellow authors by spreading the word and buying a copy of the book when it is released later this year.

The below authors are listed in alphabetical order – not the order that they will appear in the anthology.

Author Title
Akanksha Sharma Twenty One
Amie Simons Dream A Little Dream of Me
Andrew Ilagan Borderline
Anindita Deo My angry fix, not
Anita Sangwan On wrinkle creams’
Audrey Lee Counterpoint
Chandni Singh three generations
Gowri Kishore a matter of opinion
Jamie Thunder bear
Jessu John some fountains run forever
Jessu John warm the stoves and stone grinders
John Allison Old/bored/trouble/dead
John Leo Sevilla Flashbacks
Jonathan Macho Scholomance Reunion
Joy Donnell any one kind of magic
Joy Donnell of vegas luck and breaks
Joy Donnell clinging until
latika deo missing days
Liam Hogan Time, The Devourer
Merlin Flower single at 29
Michael Wallace daily routine
Naghma Sadique Rage
Nidhi Zakaria Eipe The ordinary pathos of things
Prarthana Banikya Colours of a childhood
Prarthana Banikya 1999
Priscilla Jolly holiday
Raja Karthikeya parliament of ages
Rinkoo Wadhera the final d(ist)ance
Shalini Jagadish of love and loss
Shruthi Rao hardly a walk in the park
Simi Kamboj starry summer nights
Tara Bose the journey inward
Vijayender Ch shadow
Vinaya Bhagat lost penguin
Vinaya Bhagat the migratory birds
Vrinda Baliga message history
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