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Utkarsh Rai’s twitter account describes him simply as “MNC(IT) India Head, Author, and Globetrotter” – an unassuming introduction to a man who has worked across the globe and has persistently followed a set of instincts that many people sadly lack. Most notably, Rai, having worked for Seimens India and Siemens Germany, predicted the importance of Bangalore and chose to travel back here to work when others were leaving in droves for America. Rai quickly rose to head of operations in India for Infinera and, during his tenure, implemented a number of expansion plans, leading up to them becoming IPO in June 2007. Since then he has become the managing director of a multi-national IT company and received the Institute of Economic Studies’ Udyog Rattan award – a very prestigious economic award conferred once a year to someone who displays ‘excellence’ in their economic and business practices.

‘A wonderful guide to help put your career on fast forward’ – Nandan Nilekani

His description of his new literary work “101 Myths & Realities @ the office” shows no more hubris than his short personal bio: ‘Auguest release of my book “101 Myths and Realities @ the office”. Foreword: Nandan Nilekani. Early Praise: Kiran Mazumdar-shaw & Som Mittal’. However, if the names Kiran Mazumdar-shaw and Som Mittal mean anything to you, you will know that early praise from them, directed at a business management text, is equivalent to the heads of a religion giving public approval to a bible. That is if those heads had built the religion from the ground up (and started in their garage).

This is not Rai’s first literary success. In 2007 he exhibited more breakout insight in penning “Offshoring secrets: Building and Running a successful India Operation” which drew on his extensive personal experience to advise companies on how to manage the overseas extensions of their business and at the time elicited this statement from Vinod Khosla (a founder of SUN microsystems): “I have not come across any other book, wherein a true insider writes about “HOW” to build and administer a successful operation.”

Utkarsh truly ‘owns’ the experience of establishing multiple, successful, operations in India– Gary Rieschel, Founder and Managing Director, Qiming Venture Partners, China

In 2010, Rai branched into office-based fiction with “Life in an office cubicle” an e-book release (which again exhibits Rai’s position as an early-adopter) reviews of which proclaim it to be very relatable work whose “fast pace and smooth writing style kept me thoroughly engrossed”

PageTurners is honored to be hosting the launch of 101 Myths & Realities @ The Office – a book which all history and early reviews suggest is going to be a real hit – come to the store at 6.30 pm  for the book release and a panel featuring not only Utkarsh Rai but also Akila Krishna Kumar (President and country head- SunGuard) Soumitra Sana (Head of technology centre – Nokia) and Bhuvaneswar Naik (Vice President, HR, SAP India)

Copies are the book will be available on sale – who knows? You might even get one signed!

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