An evening with Anita Nair: Ladies’ Coupe 10th anniversary celebrations

On Monday the 19th, about 70 people braved weekday peak hour traffic to celebrate the 10th anniversary edition release of Anita Nair’s landmark novel Ladies’ Coupe. Ms. Nair read from her book and the audience got to listen to one of the most-debated passages from the novel, spoken in the writer’s voice. Ms. Nair also discussed the novel, its conception and the many intricate nuances of the characters, with a panel of writers consisting of Shinie Antony, Vijay Nair and Suresh Menon. The evening ended with Ms. Nair taking questions from members of the audience, followed by a book signing.

On this strangely calm and happy Monday evening, not many missed the shining new Bangalore metro train thundering past, as if providing a soundtrack to a novel set in a train.

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