The Bard Room feat. Aporup Acharya

For those of us who were at PageTurners on Saturday evening, the rain was merely something to grin at victoriously, as we clutched our hot mugs of coffee. For those of you who got caught in the showers, you were missed on what was one of the best Bard Room experiences we had. Come early next time!

It was a small gathering of people and their umbrellas, listening to Aporup Acharya as he read some of his striking memorable poetry. The reading soon turned into an open discussion, with the audience sharing their experiences with verse, and some of their favourite writers. Some read from secret poetry that they had read, taking the opportunity to read in front of a smaller crowd that seemed only too happy to hear them out. We even had a tiny 4-year-old, our youngest member yet!

Get ready for the next Bard Room, a couple of weeks from now. Meanwhile, here are some pictures from the reading.

Photographs courtesy Sahit Anand.

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