Hello, Bangalore! – PageTurners’ Official Launch

PageTurners celebrated its official launch on the 3rd of August – a windy Tuesday afternoon which, being reminiscent of one of those days spent happily curled up in bed with a comforting book, seemed an uncannily apt day to inaugurate the store. Our guests of honour, Infosys Mentor Narayan Murthy and his wife (and Penguin author) Sudha Murthy, did much to enhance the atmosphere of intimacy with anecdotes on the awakening of their own literary appetites in early childhood – “I grew up in a village and my Grandfather would always take me to the library;” “Books are a constant companion. You can share, converse with them. Books have a life like me,” Mrs Murthy quipped. They finished with sincere promises to visit the store regularly, provided, they joked, they were granted writers’ discounts. We were only too happy to oblige.

For Penguin India CEO, Mike Bryan, and SIP CEO, Abishek Laxminarayan, seeing PageTurners achieve fruition was like watching a child’s first steps. We would like to reiterate how heart-warming it was to see Bangalore’s booklovers enthralled with our Classics section, and the interest displayed in offerings from local authors. It was a reaffirmation of the faith we have in the city’s reading palates, and Penguin’s belief that Bangalore is the right city in which to make its maiden collaborative retail venture. We hope to live up to your expectations as much as you have fulfilled ours!

Our launch was the first in a long line of events to be held at PageTurners, from book readings and signings to film screenings, art and photography exhibitions and children’s activities. Browse our interactive kiosk to check up on upcoming events every time you drop by the store, and we’ll be sure to send you shout-outs as well.

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    I’m a little slow, please don’t remove my comments or I will get upset.


  2. Branchenbuch says:

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