The Bard Room feat. Dominic Franks and Savyasachi Narayan

The 2nd edition of The Bard Room at PageTurners saw some extremely entertaining performances by our featured poets, Dominic Franks and Savyasachi Narayan. Savyasachi started the reading with a bold, opinionated piece spoken from the point of view of a fiendish fanatical peepal tree. His other work talked about displacement and belonging–the constant battles of living away from one’s homeland. Whatever he read, his way with words and the endearing quality of his reading had his audience in splits!

Dominic Franks had all the bearings of a seasoned stage performer, using the stage, his voice and the audience to create an almost interactive poetry performance. Spanning a variety of issues, his pieces always had a way of holding the listener’s attention.

About the poets

Dominic Franks

Over the last six years Dominic Franks has failed at a variety of jobs; sports journalist, amateur doctor, television producer, copywriter, balloon-blower, fortune-teller, one-time stripper and a grave-digger too, to name a few. Poetry has always been the literary genre that he enjoys the most. Silence, solitude, darkness, experience, unreasonable laughter, unrestrained joy and people have been his greatest teachers.

Savyasachi Narayan

Savyasachi  Narayan is a long-time Bangalorean by blood and by birth who both loves and loathes the accelerating pace of change in India.  In high school he was very good at English and Maths but unfortunately did not give too much bhaav to Geography. Consequently Geography was quite hurt and viciously bumbooed him across the world a few times in his callow thirty-one years of age.

In all, a completely entertaining evening, old feelings, new ways with words and an evening to remember! Watch this space for announcements on the next Bard Room, happening later this month. Also, watch out for our YouTube channel, with the bards on camera!

Pictures from The Bard Room

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