Sparkling Mindz at PageTurners

We’ve been wanting to have our next kids’ event for a while now at PageTurners, and the Sparkling Mindz session proved to be just the one!

An interactive, activity and fun-filled workshop for 8-13 year olds, the Sparkling Mindz workshop at PageTurners had the kids present literally screaming for more!

This fun session based on out-of-the-box thinking aims to make children think at their creative best, exploring and inventing while learning to push boundaries and question the ordinary.  All this, of course, ensuring that they had a great time through the entire session.

Proving that a child’s mind can sometimes be more imaginative than adults, this group of children applied their imagination to each of the activities, working in groups and individually.

The first of many to come, look out for more information on these events at PageTurners- Your kids and you are sure to enjoy them!

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