Acoustic Traditional- Lost Stories brought to life!

Storytelling for adults? Who wouldn’t want to be transported back to the days when all you had to do was sit back and listen as images of faraway lands and mythical creatures were conjured up in your mind?

A weekend at PageTurners did just that to the captivated audiences present. At this event with Acoustic Traditional. Acoustic Traditional, an independent non-profit organization working towards the promotion of storytelling and tribal folklore, came in to PageTurners  for two evenings of wonderful storytelling sessions based on myths and legends from the North-East.

This group that started off as a classroom project in 1999 has grown over the years to include a vibrant base of supporters, and has just launched a book- ‘Lost Stories’ based on these legends and myths.

With each story, images and traditions from the region were brought to life while we were transported back in time.

Acoustic Traditional also held an exhibition across these two days, that focused on their digital artwork that made its way into the Limca Book of Records (2012 edition). A digital illustration based on the ‘mythology of the indigenous people of Sikkim’, done in collaboration with the Sikkim State Government and included some new illustrations based on other stories.

We hope to have the wonderful team back for more, we certainly enjoyed having them at PageTurners!

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