Reeling with the Blues!

May was a month full of exciting events and the one that started the month off with a bang was ‘Reeling with the Blues’, an event by Maraa, an arts and media collective, in association with Counter Culture.

Based on, as the name suggests, a festival on the blues to celebrate a hundred years of Robert Johnson that culminated in a live performance at Counter Culture, Reeling with the Blues screened six feature length music documentaries at PageTurners.

These films, a series directed by six very popular directors (Martin Scorcese, Clint Eastwood, Wim Wenders, Marc Levin, Mike Figgis and Richard Pearce)- in a way, each film their own tribute to the blues- projected  the essence of the blues while exploring how this art form has deeply influenced music and people the world over.

The series begins with the journey from Africa to the Mississippi Delta — where the music grew from slaves’ field hollers, work songs and spirituals — then travels up the Mississippi River to the juke joints, house parties and recording studios of Memphis and Chicago, and culminates with the emotional embrace of this African-American creation by musicians and people throughout the world. Featuring some of the greatest blues’ artists ever, and exclusive clips of their original music with rare video footage- the films brought together some of the most amazing musicians, even showing us newer renditions by blues artists that are popular the world over today.

Truly an exquisite treat to all who watched, we had a full house each of the six days, and spent those rainy evenings listening to some truly wonderful music at PageTurners.

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