Bangalore Bookclub meet up with Gita Aravamudan

The Bangalore Book Club organized a meet up for all of its members with a very special guest at PageTurners  on Saturday, the 23rd of April, 2011.

Author Gita Aravamudan, a Penguin author who has authored books including ‘Disappearing Daughters’ and ‘Indian Women at Work’  joined us in this thought-provoking evening at PageTurners.

Beginning with her experiences as a young woman on the job, Gita brought to light the plight of women and the girl child in rural India. While we marveled at how far the Indian woman has come and her achievements in all aspects of life, across all industries, we were forced to also think about the women who have not been given these opportunities- the ones who are not so far away, and yet lead lives so different from the women that we celebrate every day.

Answering questions from the audience on her books and the writing process, she told us of the emotional and physical journey she went on while writing her book, “Disappearing Daughters’ and the hard-hitting, sometimes devastating truths she had to face, while travelling through Tamil Nadu doing research for the book.

Leaving us all with much to think about, we hope to have the Bangalore Book Club and Gita back at PageTurners  soon!

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