The Bangalore Weekend Of Photography at PageTurners!

The Bangalore Weekend of Photography sure was a weekend to remember. This event, aimed at encouraging public participation in photography activities attracted a number of photographers- from veterans to amateurs. With a wide range of events spread across PageTurners and Jaaga, we could not have asked for a better turnout.

Photography enthusiasts flocked to a packed events floor at PageTurners, to have a look at the wonderful exhibit titled “Pressure to Globalise” organized by Mahesh Bhat, from entries from “visual thinkers in the city”, to browse through Mahesh Shantaram’s personal and enviable collection of Photobooks collected over the years, to spend an afternoon watching a documentary screening of legend Henri Cartier Bresson, and to engage in an interactive and engrossing panel discussion.

Open Show, an event that provides photographers, filmmakers and multimedia producers the chance to present their work in spaces and events such as this one, also gave the audience an enlightening evening with presenting photographers giving us a visual treat and much to take away from their views on and experiences with their art form.

We at PageTurners are proud to have been a part of this wonderful weekend of events, and eagerly look forward to more! Do take a peek at the event through some pictures available on our FaceBook page, at

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  1. hi thanks for a grat weekend, good to see so many dedicated shooters, hey check this free event out and pas sit around,

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