‘Wildlife Week’- Dr. Ravi Chellam at PageTurners

The “Wildlife Week” at PageTurners started with a bang on Saturday, 5th Feb 2011 with featured speaker Dr. Ravi Chellam, Ph.D., who is the Country Director, Wildlife Conservation Society-India Program.

Dr. Chellam has been involved with wildlife and biodiversity research, education and conservation since the early 1980s. The talk focused on the conservation status of Asiatic lions, and was indeed an education for all present.

With a wonderful presentation on these magnificent creatures, Dr. Chellam addressed issues in relation to their conservation with real solutions, and urged the audience to take wildlife conservation more seriously, and emphasized that spreading awareness is of utmost importance. Sharing with us his experiences as a researcher up close with nature, Dr. Chellam thrilled wildlife enthusiasts who had the opportunity to interact with him while he answered several questions from the audience.

Wildlife Week at PageTurners continues through this week, drop by for an exclusive showcase of books on the subject and a selection of wildlife photography on our Photography Wall, followed by another featured speaker on the 12th of February, 2011- wildlife photographer/filmmaker Sandesh Kadur on his book, “Sahyadris”. Watch this space for more soon!

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