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Tso and La: A Journey in Ladakh

The genesis of Tso and La, as both the blurb and inner-pages will inform you, occurred when Vikramajit Ram, struggling with “a novel that has hit an impasse” was fortuitously invited by a friend, Manoj, on a driven trip through Ladakh … Continue reading

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Free speech or “loose canon”?

It seems that recently the www is alive with a string of incidents relating to the increasing ease with which each one of us can produce and distribute content worldwide. This effect is widely cross-medium, however, the issues it raises … Continue reading

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A start in becoming a professional book reviewer

Having realized that you are a victim of readaholism, one solution is to go to a help group and be cured– another, far better, solution would be to become a professional book reviewer. Book reviewing (as if you did not … Continue reading

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It’s Raining in Maya

Some of the very best fantasy writing often defies, to some extent, the label “fantasy”. Whether through the depth and realism of the world or the subtlety of the more fantastic elements, the piece leaves you wondering exactly how to … Continue reading

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The male-female debate in stories

It is no secret that unequal representations of men and women is a continuously hot topic. In fact, I heard someone recently state that the easiest essays are ‘either on gender or genocide’ and despite its humorous intent I am … Continue reading

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